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    Welcome: My name is Michael Toole. IIP. PMI. MBA.
I have painted all my life. first selling my art at the age of 16 
including commissions of the Yorkshire Dales, where I grew up. 
At the age of 30 I moved to African, which was a life changing experience, giving me a new perspective in light, colour, movement and nature.
Now living in Northumberland in the UK. With it's beautiful landscapes of high moorland, leading down through rolling hills and sweeping rivers to the rugged coast lines and big expansive skies.
My art today portrays my immediate environment, collective memories
emotions and experiences. Capturing light, atmospherics and fluid movement in my Landscapes, Seascapes and Skies. 
I class my style of art to be bordering on the impressionist/ Abstract .
Painting now mainly in Oils or Acrylics.
Please feel free to browse my gallery. I also TAKE COMMISSIONS. 
All the art shown is my own work and copyright.
See my list of workshops. Please feel free to contact me: 07506320496 :
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